Web Design

With careful planning and a blend of design, user-experience (UX), and strategy, we create custom responsive websites

Digital Strategy

Through SEO, user-testing and other strategic practices, we leverage your competitive edge to achieve your digital goals.


Your business is more than just a logo. We develop your custom visual identity, work with you to create your brand strategy and achieve your communication goals.


We can streamline your brand and communications across all mediums. If you have an idea, we want to hear about it.

Efficient + Effective Websites

Grow your online presence with our team of experts in design, development and digital strategy. When you work with Elements, you'll find that we like to break the mould and find new ways to do things. We believe that there is more than one way to solve a problem...

Geoff Kliza

Partner, Strategy

Geoff is a co-founder of Elements Digital Studio and our lead on strategy and technology. Whether it’s mapping out our clients’ next move or developing a custom website for our Secret Santa gift exchange, he is most happy when solving problems.

Claire Devaney

Partner, Design

Claire is a co-founder of Elements Digital Studio where she leads all things design. User-experience and brand management hold a special place in her heart, she implements best practices of both in to every project. If Claire’s not in the studio… you’ll find her in the mountains.

Wendy Mulder

Photography & Design

Wendy is probably the friendliest person you’ll ever meet. Her love for nature and outer space make her one of the most on-brand team members we’ve ever come across. Wendy is an exceptional designer and published photographer.

Are you the fifth Element?

See what we did there?? We are always interested in meeting talented individuals in our field. If you think you’d be a good fit at Elements – send us an email or drop by the studio.

At Elements Digital Studio we love all things digital. We’ll keep you informed and smiling throughout your next project.

We are inspired by the people we work with and the elements that surround us, blending both Design and Strategy into every project we take on.

Our team works with you to uncover the needs of your user. We dig in to things like functionality and layout and determine where we can optimize things like user-flow and conversions. We also look to elevate your brand through visual design – highlighting what makes your business unique.